• Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
  • Natural Medicine Doctorate
  • Doctorate in Manual Medicine (EU charter)
  • Certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation Doctor
  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
  • Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Examiners.
  • Member of the General Osteopathic Council of Canada
  • Member of the College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada),American Chiropractic Council on Sports Injuries and the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians
  • Member, California, Hawaii, Ontario, Canadian, American Chiropractic Associations
  • Visiting Professor to Tallinn University, Department of Health and Sports Sciences
  • Senior Professor, Naturopathic Medicine, Alternative Medicine Research Institute
  • Past Lecturer on Manipulation to the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine
  • Previous Official Sports Doctor with the Estonian Olympic Team
  • Published Author in multiple professional magazines including, the American Chiropractor magazine and Indexus Medicus of Today’s Chiropractic magazine
  • Past Consultant and Columnist for American Health & Fitness Magazine.
  • President of the Trigenics® Institute of Myoneural Medicine
  • President of the Estonian Manual Medicine and Chiropractic Association
  • President of the Estonian Union of Chiropractic Medicine
  • Past President of the Toronto East Chiropractic Society (Canada)
  • Past Social Director of the Canadian Chiropractic College Student Council
  • Past Board Member of the Canadian Chiropractic College Alumni Affairs Committee
  • Co-designer of the Airpedic™ mattress sleep system.
  • Originator of the neurological muscle assessment & treatment system, “TRIGENICS®”
  • First Degree Black Belt (Shodan) in Karate and Jui Jitsu, Red Belt in Taekwando
  • AWARDS Award of Excellence from the World Organization of Natural Medicine.
  • Distinguished Contribution Awards from the World Union of Martial Arts Federations.
  • Distinguished Service Gold Medal Award: The Estonian Olympic Committee (EOC)

Dr Oolo Austin has over 30 years of experience and on-going education. He holds designations as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and Doctor of Chiropractic Natural Medicine. He holds a doctorate in manual medicine by way of European Academic Charter. Dr Oolo Austin is also a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation Doctor and a Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Dr. Oolo Austin is also qualified in the area of physical training and exercise with the designation of Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist. Dr. Austin is the originator of the medical treatment system, Trigenics® which is a form of functional muscle neurology that has benefited many non-famous patients as well as the celebrities and athletes mentioned below. He practices in Canada and Estonia. In professional circles, he is well known for his highly advanced proficiency and skill in manual medicine and spinal manipulation. As such, he also teaches courses for students, therapists and doctors on spinal manipulative technique. (www.spinemanipulation.com )


Dr. Oolo Austin has lectured extensively on a wide variety of medical or health-related topics and is well known for his many innovative endeavors relating to health care. A dynamic and informative speaker and teacher, Prof. Dr. Oolo Austin taught a diploma certification course at Tallinn University, Department of Health and Sports Sciences. He has addressed audiences at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine, McQuarie University (Australia), University of Southern California Health Sciences, National University of Health Sciences (Chicago), American Chiropractic Board of Sport Physicians Annual Symposium, Parker Chiropractic College, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Cleveland Chiropractic College (Los Angeles), Palmer Chiropractic College (Davenport, IA), and Palmer West Chiropractic College (San Francisco). He has also been a featured presenter at the SWIS International Health and Fitness Show and Symposium, the American Trigeminal Neuralgia Association’s 5th Annual Conference, the International Academy of Chiropractic Neurologists Symposium, American Chiropractic Association’s Sports Council & Florida Chiropractic Association’s National Convention & Expo, and the Chiropractic ’06 symposium in Panama.


Dr. Oolo Austin is very well known in the media. He has been interviewed on numerous television shows in his capacity as doctor, inventor, and healthcare innovator. He has appeared on CBC, CTV, CITY TV, as well as the Rogers and Global Networks, and has been heard on countless radio talk shows (CKFM, CFRB, Q-107, etc.)  Articles about Dr. Austin have appeared in newspapers and magazines including: The National Post, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, The UK Mirror, Dynamic Chiropractic, Today’s Chiropractic, Canadian Chiropractor, American Chiropractor, and Toronto Life as well as in multiple Estonian publications. Dr. Austin has written for many professional and public magazines including Vista, and American Health & Fitness.


Dr. Oolo Austin is multi-faceted and accomplished. He holds black belts in jujitsu and karate. In the early 90s he won his division of full-contact sparring in the CNE International Open Martial Arts Tournament. He currently teaches elective courses as an associate professor at Tallinn University in Estonia. He also teaches Trigenics® functional neurology to doctors throughout North America. (www.trigenics.com) In the past, Dr. Austin has also worked from time to time as a professional musician, song-writer, actor and music/video producer. As an entertainment industry professional himself, Dr. Austin is called upon to provide treatments backstage and on film sets. In Toronto and Los Angeles (where he lived for three years), the media has dubbed him “Doc Hollywood” and “Doctor to the Stars”.


Renowned individuals receiving care from Dr. Oolo Austin include: actors: John Cusack, Sir Ian McKellan, Farrah Fawcett, Malin Ackerman, Ed Asner, Raymond Burr, Richard Crenna, Dolf Lungren, Neve Campbell, Jessica Steen, Nick Mancuso, Barry Pepper, Vin Diesel; musicians: Robbie Williams, The Backstreet Boys, David Bowie, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Jon Bon Jovi, Roy Orbison, Roch Voisine, Clint Black, Tony Bennett, Kenny G., Robbie Robertson, Peggy Lee, The Monkeys, Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran, Paul Stanley of Kiss, Axl Rose of Guns and Roses, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, and members of the tours of Pink Floyd, U2, and The Rolling Stones; prima ballerinas: Martine Lamy and Jennifer Fournier;  NHL hockey players: Shane Corson, Paul Coffey, and Bobby Hull; tennis champion: Jimmy Connors; World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Lennox Lewis; Olympic Athletes including Canadian Gold Medalist sprinter Glenroy Gilbert, USA Gold Medalist swimmer Misty Hyman, and Estonian 2 time Gold Medalist and 2 time world champion cross country skier Andrus Veerpalu, Beach Volleyball gold medalist Kristjan Kais, Olympic Bronze Medalists Indrek Pertelson in judo, and Aleksander Tammert in discus.


Dr Oolo Austin is the first in the world to develop a manual medical treatment for frozen shoulder which often restores full range of motion in one treatment. (www.frozenshoulder.eu)  He is the author of 4 technical books on Trigenics®  Functional Muscle Neurology,  co-author of a book for the public on Trigenics® myoneural exercises for the low back, and is the president of the Trigenics® Institute of Myoneural Medicine which is a government-recognized learning institution teaching Diploma Certification courses in Trigenics® to health professionals. His Trigenics course was co-sponsored for CE credits by National University of Health Sciences in Chicago USA and is approved for CE credits by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians.



Adam Arkin
Amy Price Francis
Barry Pepper
Billy Ray Cyrus
Blake Foster
Boris Kodjoe
Brooke Shields
Bruce McCulloch
Casey Affleck
Chad Doreck
Courtney Vance
Daniel Masterson
Dolph Lundgren
Don Purser
Ed Asner
Eric Estrada
Farrah Fawcett
Felicity Huffman
Hal Sparks
Hugh Jackman
Jane Seymour
Jason Biggs
Jefferson Mappin
Jeremy Piven
Jessica Steen
Joan Plowright
John Cusack
Kate Beckinsale
Laura Dern
Lauren Holly
Louis Gossett Jr.
Marlo Thomas
Marsha Thomason
Melissa Gilbert
Neve Campbell
Nick Cassavetes
Nick Mancuso
Patrick Bergen
Raymond Burr
Richard Crenna
Sir Ian McKellen
Terry Farrell
Tonya Lee Williams
Tyler Mane
Yancy Butler


20th Century Fox
Alliance Atlantis
Annex Entertainment
Columbia Pictures
Kleinburg Studios
Modem Media Corp.
MTV Networks N.Y.
New Line Cinema
Warner Brothers Television


ALA Production Services Ltd. - New Line Cinema - Knockaround Guys
Alien Influx
Alliance Atlantis Lost Script IV Productions Inc. - Earth: Final Conflict
Alliance Atlantis/Disney - Famous Jett Jackson
Animorphs - TV Series
BEI Deceived Productions Inc. - Deceived
BEI Mischief Films Blackout Inc. - Blackout
BEI One Love Productions Inc. - One True Love
BEI Sanctuary Productions Inc. - Sanctuary
Blade TV Productions, Warner Brothers - Witchblade
Bollywood Hollywood Productions Inc.
Brady Productions Inc. - The Brady Bunch in the Whitehouse
Branti Film Productions Ltd. - Loser
Brenda Kay Productions Inc. - Jewel
Butterick Rd. Productions - 10,000 Black Men Named George
Butterick Rd. Productions - Bleacher Bums
Cadet Productions Ltd. - Cadet Kelly
Carfax Productions Ltd. - Dracula 2000, Mr. T and the Women, John Q
CBC / HipHip Productions - Drop The Beat
Cliffwood Productions Ltd. - What Makes a Family, 2 Against Time, Claire's Hat
Cloud Ten Productions Inc. - Judgment
Day Reagan Productions Inc. - The Day Reagan Was Shot
Dufferin Gate Productions, WL Films Inc. - White Lies
Exit Wounds Inc. - Exit Wounds
Finding Forrester Productions LP/Columbia Pictures - Finding Forrester
Focus Productions Inc. - Focus (feature)
GFT Heresy Films Inc. - Global Heresy
Happenstance Productions Ltd. - Serendipity
Homeless Film Productions - The Caveman Valentine
Idaho Productions - Martin and Lewis
Keshan Films Ltd. - Getting Over Allison
Kids in the Hall
LTB Productions - Cheer
Madd Films Inc. - Project X
Me and my Shadow Productions.
Miramax - My Baby's Mama
Paradise Falls Productions Inc. Breakthrough Films
Pebble Hut Camelot Services Inc. - The Women of Camelot
Pebble Hut Doc Inc. - Doc (pilot)
Pentagon Productions
Protocol (New Girl) Production Inc.
Queer As Folk - TV Series
SF Films Inc. - TV series - Soul Food 1, 2, 3
Shaftesbury Mysteries IV Inc.
Smithfield Packing Project.
Sparks and Circle Productions. - Various
Springwood Productions Inc. 20th Century Fox - X-Men
Spy Films Inc.
Tanino Productions Inc. - My Name is Tanino
Times Movie (Bombay, India)
Tracker Productions Corp. - Tracker
Treehouse North Productions Co.
Vanessa Louisiana Productions - My Louisiana Sky
Year of the Lion Productions


Backstreet Boys
Blink 182
Britney Spears
Brooks and Dunn
Celine Dion
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Deep Purple
Depeche Mode
Faith Hill
Goo Goo Dolls
Jane's Addiction
Janet Jackson
Limp Bizkit
Lord of the Dance
Marc Anthony
Nine-Inch Nails
No Doubt
Oyster Head
Ozzy Osbourne
Pearl Jam
Pink Floyd
Power to the People
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Roxy Music
Star Sailor
Steely Dan
The Rolling Stones
Tim McGraw
Tina Turner
Tragically Hip
Clear Channel Entertainment
EMI Music Canada
Universal Concerts Canada
House of Blues




Anthony Keidis
Brian Wilson
Bryan Ferry
Clint Black
Cyndi Lauper
David Bowie
Eddie Vedder
Fred Durst
Gord Downie
James Harrah
John Reznick
Jon Bon Jovi
Kenny G
Martin LeNoble
Mick Jagger
Ozzy Osbourne
Paul Simon
Paul Stanley
Peggy Lee
Robbie Robertson
Roch Voisine
Roy Orbison
Simon Le Bon
Stephen Stills
Steve Perkins
The Monkees
Tina Turner
Tobin Esperance
Toni Iommi
Tony Bennett
Trent Reznor
Wes Borlan
Air Canada Center
Copps Coliseum
Du Maurier World Theatre
Harbourfront Center
Massey Hall
Molson Amphitheater

Bobby Hull - Hockey Star
Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake - Pro wrestling
Daryl Smith - NFL Dallas Cowboys
Glenroy Gilbert - Olympic Gold Medallist, World Track Champion
Jimmy Connors - Tennis Champion
Lennox Lewis - World Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Martin Lapointe - NHL Boston Bruins
Patrick Lalime - NHL Ottawa Senators
Paul Coffey - Hockey Star
Shane Corson - NHL Toronto Maple Leafs
Toller Cranston - Olympic Figure Skater

Principal Ballerinas
Martine Lamy
Jennifer Fournier


Cambridge Suites
Crown Plaza
Delta Toronto East
Four Seasons
Holiday Inn Select
King Edward
Park Hyatt
Radisson Plaza
Renaissance SkyDome
Fairmont Royal York
Sheraton Parkway North
Sutton Place Hotel
Westin Harbour Castle
Windsor Arms


"I believe in Trigenics"
Sir Ian Mckellan, Actor, London, England

"TRIGENICS is the most amazing treatment I have ever experienced. It is, by far, more effective than any other treatment I have had for the relief of muscular complaints. I also found that my energy level and general feeling of well-being was heightened tremendously by the treatment. I highly recommend Trigenics to anyone!"
Farrah Fawcett, Actress, Los Angeles, USA

"TRIGENICS is the best!"
Bobby Hull, NHL hockey hall of fame player

"Thanks to TRIGENICS, I feel magnificent!!"
Ed Asner, Actor, Los Angeles, USA

"TRIGENICS is the best treatment for relieving muscle pain I've had!"
Tonya Lee Williams, Actress, Los Angeles
"Olivia", The Young and the Restless

"Thanks a million" for Trigenics!
Roch Voisine, Singer/ Hit Recording Artist

"My neck was broken 12 years ago. Since then, I have been suffering with severe chronic neck and head pain as well as excruciating migraine headaches. I was on strong painkillers (Tylenol 3) daily. After only one TRIGENICS treatment, I have been pain free and no codeine!! Amazing!!!"
Robyn Boasie, ON, CAN

I had been having severe daily headaches for the past 12 years. I have seen several neurologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other therapists. None were able to help my headaches and neck pain. After only 3 treatments of Trigenics, my headaches completely subsided! I couldn’t believe that I had no pain!! Receiving a Trigenics is well worth driving for 20 hours to and from Kapuskasing for me. I hope that anyone suffering like I was will turn to this God-send of a therapy. 
Donald Smith, Kapuskasing, ON

I had been having severe daily headaches for the past 12 years. I have seen several neurologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other therapists. None were able to help my headaches and neck pain. After only 3 treatments of Trigenics, my headaches completely subsided! I couldn’t believe that I had no pain!! Receiving a Trigenics is well worth driving for 20 hours to and from Kapuskasing for me. I hope that anyone suffering like I was will turn to this God-send of a therapy.
Donald Smith, Kapuskasing, ON

“I’ve had facial numbness for the past few months.  After one Trigenics treatment, I can feel my face again!!
This treatment is PRICELESS!”
Dr. Bruce Salzinger, BSc., DC Atlanta, Georgia
“I suffer from extremely severe lower back pain due to bulging discs’ L4-5-S1.  I have been in and out of hospitals;
 I have received steroid injections in my spine. None of these treatments helped me.  With TRIGENICS I have had incredible relief from unbearable pain.”
 Joe Goncalves, Toronto, CAN

 I had been suffering from a herniated disc and spinal stenosis, which caused pressure on the nerves in my lower spine. This crippled me to the point that I could not sit for more than a few seconds and was in constant severe pain. After no results through seeing a Neurosurgeon, Chiropractor and Massage Therapist, Trigenics was my last hope. Trigenics has been so tremendous that I am now able to work a full day again and actually enjoy my life.  If you are in pain with no hope in sight, I recommend Trigenics. It is a miracle treatment!!
Celine Almemo, CAN
FOOT PAIN - Plantar Fasciitis
"TRIGENICS brought my crippling foot pain to a halt. I consulted with specialists in both England and
North America over 2 years. Diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis, none provided me with any relief. The word on Trigenics must be spread!!"
Denise Gordon, London, England

My foot pain was so unbearable that I could hardly walk. With only one TRIGENICS treatment I was completely pain free! It was like a miracle!!”
Etelka Kota, ON, CAN
"Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have undergone Homeopathy, Shiatsu, Diets, Nutritionals, Chemotherapy, Methotrexate, etc. to help arrest this disease and alleviate its symptoms…After my first Trigenics treatment, I immediately felt better. Thank-you!"
Donna Murrant, ON, CAN

"My neck was so stiff, I was unable to sleep after a performance. TRIGENICS gave me tremendous immediate relief"
Tera DeSalvo, NBA "Orlando Magic" Dancers, Orlando, FLA

I had received chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments for 3-4 months for my frozen shoulder with little improvement.  I was amazed with my 80% improvement after only 2 Trigenics treatments!! Trigenics worked after all else failed!!
Rieko Milini, Innisvale, Queensland, Australia

“Trigenics substantially improved my shoulder tendonitis condition in minutes! Golfing is a joy again!”
Bill Bowyer, IT specialist, Newark, New Jersey, USA

"Your TRIGENICS technique has worked wonders with my previously tight and extremely sore hip joint. Nothing else ever seemed to help."
Wayne Rhodes, Ph.D., C.P.E. (Ergonomist)

Dear Dr. Austin, For the past 3 years, I experienced recurring pain in my right hip. Cortisone shots and the opinion of an orthopaedic surgeon offered no relief.  In the fall of 2002, the pain returned and this time stayed.  I couldn’t perform even the simple things of life.  Sitting down was no problem, but standing became impossible. Then, I remembered how you had put my wife back on her feet from a wheelchair during the past summer.  Thanks to you and Trigenics, I am back to normal and enjoying life again.
Thank you  Dr. Austin and staff for a successful treatment.
Harold J. Walker


Trigenics®: a Neurological Evolution
by Allan Gary Oolo Austin, D.C.
Trigenics? is a brain-based multimodal treatment system designed to synergistically and directly affect neurological communication... Read more

Trigenics® Myoneural Medicine:
A Neurological Treatment System

by James Fung, DC; Phillip McAllister, DC; Allan Oolo Austin, DC
Trigenics® is often referred to as the "missing element" in neuromusculoskeletal care... Read more

Trigenics® Myoneural Medicine
by Allan Gary Oolo Austin, D.C.
Trigenics® essentially has a cumulative synergistic effect on the nervous system... Read more

The Olympic Experience: A Time for Teamwork
by Allan Gary Oolo Austin, D.C.
At the end of the day, teamwork is what it is all about: the chiropractor working together with the physiotherapist and the medical doctors... Read more

An Advanced Method for Treating Stroke
by Allan Gary Oolo Austin, D.C.
Although, after carefully addressing the patient’s concern and informing them on the risk of neck manipulation, some patients are still not fully calmed... Read more

Rapid Rehabilitation of a Hamstring Strain: A Case Study
by David Rick, D.C. and Alan Oolo Austin, D.C.
Hamstring strains are an extremely common occurrence in the sport of soccer... Read more


To: Trigenics Institute

The Trigenics Institute of Myoneural Medicine

Europe:             +372 5620 2631
North America:  (416) 481-1936

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